Strategic Mentor, Steve Welling

How to Keep Your Cool with Difficult People At Work

Tuesday, January 9 @ 11AM PST

Do you find yourself dreading encounters with that demanding coworker, criticizing boss, inconsiderate customer or irritating family member? Learning how to navigate difficult relationships is crucial to your emotional health and ability to be effective at work and at home.

What if you could learn field-tested strategies to improve your most challenging relationships so you can be the best version of yourself in the settings and situations that matter the most?

Join Steve Welling for “How to Keep Your Cool with Difficult People At Work” to learn that you can, in fact, keep your cool around difficult people… not just at work but at home, in the neighborhood, and the marketplace!

Here’s what we will cover and why you should attend:

  • Learn the 3 types of difficult people and strategies tailored to each.
  • Learn a model for quickly analyzing personality “triggers” to understand what makes difficult people tick – and how you can respond constructively.
  • Learn science-based tactics stay level-headed and calm when stakes are high.
  • Learn multiple ways to establish healthy boundaries that are flexible when appropriate.
  • Learn mindsets and steps to empower yourself in any relationship scenario.

Whether it’s a subordinate, peer, supervisor, family member or customer, you’ll gain insights for turning around the relationships causing you dread. Attend this webinar to access practical tips you can apply right away!

Steve Welling

Strategic Mentor

Steven B Welling is a leadership mentor with over 40 years of ministry and business leadership experience. He has spoken across the U.S. and overseas, leading hundreds of seminars on management and leadership. Today Steve leads Strategic Mentor, using process mentoring where people can learn to discover Uncommon Success, rediscovering deep joy in life.

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